Our School

At Graham Mesa, we value character over curriculum. We have a primary focus of developing the whole child. This is done through our RISE character model. RISE stands for Responsible, Integrity, Service and Expect More. We use this acronym to teach our students to be great citizens of our current and future community. At Graham Mesa, we recognize and celebrate kindness, politeness, and being trustworthy!

Additionally, at Graham Mesa, we strive for academic excellence and growth. We do this by focusing on differentiation through small group instruction. If you walk into our classrooms at any time throughout the day, you would most likely notice students working cooperatively with other peers on material that is rated to their level to ensure their success with the content. We believe in providing access to the curriculum for all students regardless of each student’s individual level of learning. We know all kids learn differently and we try to address that through data driven, small group learning.