Math Information



My name is Ryan Fideldy and I am the instructional coach here at Graham Mesa. I have many roles and responsibilities at the school here which include coaching for math and science teachers, school-wide decision-making with the leadership team, developing and overseeing our math and science programming, assisting with school discipline, and managing our RTI system amongst many other things. However, my main priority is to work in classrooms with teachers and students  to help improve classroom instruction and achievement. 


Our math programming focuses on two parts during the school day. The first 30 minutes of our school day, each of our homeroom classes has math intervention. Math intervention is designed to help students fill in learning gaps and meet them where they currently are within their own learning. This time is used for practice. It is targeted practice that helps ensure students have the best shot possible of being successful on their end of unit assessments. The other focus during the school day is our math blocks. Math blocks are 50 minutes long and we currently use the Investigations curriculum as our main resource to meet math standards. Investigations is heavy on manipulative use, flexible problem-solving, and using games to do math practice. Additionally, we have incorporated the use of small groups to best meet our learners needs with a higher teacher to student ratio.


In the instructional world, my priority is to work in classrooms modeling, team teaching, and videotaping to help teachers improve their own practice. My favorite part of each day is when I get to work with students and helping them achieve math standards. I'm lucky enough to get to work with all of our students in our building Prek through 5th grade. I'm honored to know each of our students first and last names.


I have been at Graham Mesa for 6 years and I love my job! I am consistently amazed and appreciative of our community support and parent involvement. Please reach out to me anytime if you have any questions about our math and or science programming.




Ryan Fideldy (Mr. Fids)

Instructional Coach