6 Keys to Success

Here at GME we are committed to building strong relationships that promote high achievement by motivating our students, staff and partents to engage with, connect with, and explore learning everywhere! We love to serve you and your children in the best way possible, and we are dreaming big for everyone.

At GME we have 6 "Key" elements that we focus on to ensure that every student is successful, feels safe and knows they are loved everyday. Those "Keys" are...

Safety: I am safe from physical harm, embarrassment and the ability to be safe

We will maintain a safe, caring, nurturing enviroment free of fear of embarrassment or physical harm.

Valued Purpose: I have value for learning to work and succeed

We will maintain an enviroment in which students feel great value resulting in positive, effective efforts to support their success.

Love and Belonging: I feel included, accepted, "part of the group," and respected

We will maintain an environment where every student feels included and loved.

Fun and enjoyment: I am fun and enjoy myself

We will maintain an environment where students are excited and enjoy learning.

Freedom and Independence: I have a sense of autonamy...I have valued choices

We will provide as many meaning choices as possible

Success: I feel challenged, gaining something new, progressing and able to do so

We will maintain a challenging and effective learning environment in which previous accomplishments are validated, and students are coached to meet the standards.


"Our Kids are Worth Whatever it Takes!"

Spence Rogers